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Best coffee starter set

KRUVE Evoke Aeropress 4

To me, the best starter sets (generally, not just for coffee) should allow the user to get good, above average results without having very high skill level. The rationale for this is sustainability – the user will be quickly rewarded and be motivated to continue experimenting and to grow along the journey.

The Aeropress comes to mind, because it produces good coffee with very minimal effort, while also allowing the user to experiment with different recipes and brew methods.

Bialetti Moka Pot milk coffee – Katong Square retro fair October

Katong Retro fair

If you’ve scanned the QR code and landed on this page, chances are you like the liquid you’re drinking! (Or really hate it). Here’s the recipe for how we made it. We used Sarnie’s single origin Colombian Huila Timana Excelso. We have no affiliation with Sarnies – I stumbled upon them as a consumer myself. […]

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