Hario Clear Tea Pot 700ml


Clear embodies Hario’s design ideology of simplicity and functionality.

Just add tea leaves and water into the glass pot and watch through the clear glass as the water extracts the goodness of the tea leaves.

Clear has a filter built into the PCT resin lid. Just pour the tea out directly from the teapot to separate the tea leaves from the teapot.

Light-weight, and heat-proof.

Colour: Clear, heatproof glass

Item Number: FNC-70-T

Size: W144 ? D120 ? H144mm

Capacity: Practical capacity 700ml


Glass Pot: Heatproof Glass

Pouring Spout: PCT resin

Filter: Silicone Rubber

Glass Pot, Pouring Spout: Made in Japan

Filter: Made in Vietnam

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