Hario Mobile Mill Stick Electric Grinder Attachment


With Hario’s latest Smart G Mobile Electric Coffee Grinder Stick, say good-bye to painful and tiring hand grinders!

The Mobile Mill Stick Electric is a compact accessory that can be used with your existing MSG-2 and MSS-1 grinder to transform them from old-school hand grinders to speedy electric coffee grinders! It is compact and rechargeable via Micro USB. Simply remove the handle of your grinder, place the stabilizer and grind. It can grind 20g of coffee beans approximately 25 times on a single charge.

EMSG-2B Smart G Electric Coffee Grinder set includes:

1 Mobile Mill Stick, 1 Hario Smart G Coffee Mill Manual Grinder (MSG-2), 1 MSG-2 adaptor and 1 USB charging cable.

EMS-1B Mobile Mill Stick Set includes:

1 Mobile Mill Stick, 1 MSG-2 adaptor, 1 MSS-1 adaptor and 1 USB charging cable.

Material for Mobile Mill Stick:

Body: ABS resin

Charging jack lid: Silicone Rubber

Socket: Steel

Protective film for screen: PET resin

Holder: PMMA resin

Conversion adapter: Steel

Material for Smart G Coffee Mill Manual Grinder:

Handy Coffee grinder・Holder Grinder: ABS resin

Coffee Mill Handle grip: Polypropylene

Lid, Hopper, Outer burr stopper, Ground coffee bottle: Methacrylate resin

Handle, Shaft, Spring, Grind adjustment nut: Stainless steel

Washer, Shaft cover, Inner burr holder, Grind adjustment knob: Nylon Band/Silicone rubber

Burr: Ceramic

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