Hario V60 Range Server Clear (360mL / 600mL / 800mL)


Hario V60 Range Server Clear (360mL / 600mL / 800mL)


In Japanese, Hario means “King of Glass” and with this range server, it is clear why. Elegant design is paired with thick tempered glass to keep your beverage warm. Pair it with a v60 to make for a brewing experience that is as gorgeous as it is tasty.


Hario’s classic “beehive” server made entirely from our heat-resistant glass. Microwave safe with or without the lid.


Item Code: XGS-80TB-EX
Color: Transparent
Size: W150×D129×H138mm
Capacity: Practical capacity 800ml


Glass Server, Glass Lid: Heatproof Glass
Glass Lid Sealant: Silicone Rubber


Made in Japan
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