Hario V60 MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot (Red)


Hario V60 MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot (Red)
The Mizudashi Coffee Maker offers a simple method for making cold brewed coffee at home. Simply add ground coffee to the fine mesh basket, add water and leave in the refrigerator to brew. This pot also has a removable filter, making cleaning easy. Grind coffee coarse for a lighter more delicate coffee, or finer for a cold brew with more body and strength.
Colors: Red
Item Number: MCPN-14R / MCPN-7R
Size: W138×D94×H294mm / W138 × D94 × H208mm
Capacity: Brewed volume 1,000ml / 600ml
Lid, Strainer Frame, Handle Band: Polypropylene
Strainer Mesh: Polyester Resin
Bushing: Silicone Rubber
Glass Pot: Heatproof Glass
Made in Japan
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