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While most travel mugs tend to focus their intention on the durability and extreme heat retention features, they tend to neglect other equally crucial aspects of coffee drinking. For instance, taste, smell and touch are often not prioritised.

However, the Fellow Carter products take into consideration of these factors and produce a cup that is designed to amplify your senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and slim width. Along with their full suite of products, such as Stagg EKG kettles and move mugs, you can now enjoy coffee at its fullest on-the-go.

Features of the Fellow Carter Move Mug

1. Snap-in Splash Guard

Sip security on-the-go! With a splash guard feature available, simply snap in the guard when you take your Move Mug into motion — save  yourself from bumps and sudden stops and free of messy drinking.

2. True taste ceramic coating

We believe that your coffee in your travel mugs should always taste exactly like how it was intended to taste. Unlike most travel mugs that comes in a stainless steel material, the Fellow Move Mug’s interior are made from ceramic. This actually keeps your coffee free of any unwanted odours, oils and “old penny” tasting notes that may affect the overall taste of your coffee.

3. Brew-and-go compatibility

The Fellow Move Mug comes with a 69 mm diameter rim, which is designed to help you easily fit in the most popular manual brewing device. So simply brew your coffee into your Move Mug and you’re all set to go!

4. Heat-lock Double Wall Vacuum

Having a triple walled vacuum may seem like overkill, so how about a double wall feature with an added heat lock function instead? With the Move Mug, the 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel helps to retain heat for 12 hours, while also helps to keep you beverages cold for 24 hours.

5. Leak-proof seal 

To prevent any spillage or liquid mishaps, each Move Mug comes with a quick, 270° twist that locks the lid and guarantees you a dry bag throughout the day.

Wash and Use Your Fellow Carter Mug

While the Fellow Move Mug certainly has its own unique features, let’s not also forget about how they are so practical for washing and ready for use again!
  • How to wash?
If you’re using the dishwasher, you can easily pop your Move Mug into the top-rack. (Note that it is only top-rack dishwasher safe) Additionally, if you’re washing by hand, you can use a soft sponge or bottle brush to clean out the interior and exterior of the mug. We’d recommend to avoid using any abrasive sponges and hard brushes as they may scratch the interior ceramic coating in the Move Mug.
  • Where can I fit the Fellow Carter Mug?

With it’s rounded circumference and small size by nature, the Move Mug can be easily tucked inside your bag. From the side pouches, inner bags to even car cup holders, you can bring the Move Mug with you everywhere on the go.

Other benefits of Fellow Mug

The perfect travel companion

    Small yet beautiful, the Fellow Mug ensures you make the bang for your buck. It is compact enough to fit most bags and backpacks, and you can even place it onto your car cup holders as well. 

    Leakproof all-day

      By simply twisting the seal into place and putting the lid on, the Fellow Mug is completely leakproof, leaving no room for accidental spills. So even if you’re out travelling, fret not that your bag remains dry and your coffee is still intact and ready to drink.

      Great sipping experience

        Inspired by the elegant lips of a cabernet glass, the Fellow Mug features a thin lip and a wide opening. Sip on your coffee while taking in the aromatic smell of the coffee. With a ceramic interior coating, the Fellow Mug also removes any odours and oils to give you a great coffee-drinking or sipping experience. 

        Accompanying Accessories

        Like the Sttoke Cup, you can add on accessories to create a more comprehensive coffee gift with your Fellow Mug. 

        Frequently-Asked-Questions for Our Fellow Carter Mugs

        • What colours are the Fellow Travel Mug available in?
        The Move Mug comes in an extensive range of colours for you to choose from. From the classic colours such as Matte White, Black and Grey; to even more fun and pop of colours such as Buttered Popcorn, Mint Chip, Corduroy Red, Warm Pink and Real Red. There are even shades of cooler undertones such as Cargo Green, Stone Blue, Slate Grey, and Peri Twinkle that helps to match every aesthetic you desire.
        • Are customisations available on the Fellow Travel Mug? 
        If you’re looking for that special coffee gift for someone, a fellow coffee lover, for your cafe, or even for yourself, customised engravings are available for the Move Mug. (Note that the engraved text will be opposite the Sttoke logo)
        • What are the sizes of the Fellow Coffee Mug? 
        The Fellow Coffee Mug comes in 3 standard sizes as follows:
        1. 8 oz: 126 mm tall with lid
        2. 12 oz: 158 mm tall with lid
        3. 16 oz: 190 mm tall with lid
        • What if I want to have a wider brew?
        For a wider mug that is compatible with brew methods such as Aeropress, look for the Fellow Everywhere Mug. The features and benefits are the same, but it’s the diameter of these that really distinguish between the two of them. In short, if you’d like a bigger mug, opt for the Fellow Everywhere Mug instead.
        • What is the material of the Fellow Carter Move Mug lid?
        The entire Move Mug is made of stainless steel, however, the lid is made from BPA-free plastic.
        • Will the Fellow Mug fit into car cup holders?

        Yes, with its small and compact size, the Move Mug fits well into any standard car cup holder.

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