Insulated mugs, espresso glasses and beautiful glass decanters to serve your liquid bliss


Grinders are a key component to achieving consistently delicious brews – invest in a reliable one and notice the difference!


Keep your coffee fresh with these canisters!

Choose a vacuum canister specialised in evacuating air for long-term storage, or an airtight container for shorter term storage


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The delivery was very quick, ordered Fri evening, received Tue morning. Definitely worth it for the price. It brews great coffee as well! Cold brewed coffee + fresh milk + some ice cubes for a hot Singapore weather is amazing!




An amazing mug that keeps my hot beverage warm up to 3 hrs and cold beverages cold for much longer. This is my second purchase. Would totally get more for gifts.

Audrey T.



This has ceramic coated walls so you can enjoy the taste of your coffee the way it’s supposed to be.I love that it has a wide mouth so I can enjoy the smell of coffee and it also makes cleaning a lot easier (non stick walls too!). Very Fast delivery and excellent service! Would buy again!



jarren horrocks DX42m5uJV M unsplash 1

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