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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottles, Grinders & Drippers in Singapore

Grind coffee beans with Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

The very first step to achieving a nice cup of cold brew is to grind your beans with a practical coffee grinder. Typically, we’d recommend using a medium to coarse grind so that your coffee beans are not under or overly extracted. Using the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim Plus, it is a great grinder for both beginners and pros. With a compact ceramic burr hand grinder and a newly designed handle, it is the perfect tool to get you started.

Material-wise, ceramic burrs also transfer less heat and shave coffee beans instead of cracking them like blade grinders. With this process, you’ll also get a more consistent grind of coffee beans that can be used repeatedly if you’re making multiple batches of cold brew.

Add water & Store Coffee Grinds Using Hario Airtight Canister

The second step is to add water to your coffee grind. Transfer your grinds to a canister and add water in a ¼ coffee grinds to 1 cup of water ratio. Unlike regular coffee which uses hot water, you should always use room-temperature water to make your cold brew. Then, give your coffee grinds and water a good stir.

For the container to store your coffee, choose the Hario Airtight Glass Canister with Olive Wood Lid — a heatproof glass canister featuring a handcrafted natural olive wood lid. Not only is this canister heatproof, but it is also airtight and the wooden parts are made from natural olive wood.

Steep the coffee

Once you have ensured that your lids are well secured, it’s time to let it steep. For a good cold brew, it is best to leave the coffee chilled in the refrigerator, for at least 12 hours. You can even leave it overnight for the best results. 

Filter the coffee grinds with Hario V60 Products

After steeping, it’s time to separate the coffee grinds and water. To do so, simply strain the coffee with a filter. You can either choose to use a conventional paper filter and cup for this process or use the Hario V60 Glass Decanter – Simply Hario Glass Coffee Maker.

This compact coffee maker contains a dripper with a stainless steel double mesh filter to help you discard all the grinds effortlessly. The filter is also made from metal which allows you to savour your coffee with the perfect balance of the crisp flavour and the robust oils obtained from a metal filter.

Besides using a cup or dripper for filtering, you can also create convenience with a coffee pot or bottle. For instance, simply pour your coffee into the Hario V60 MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot or the Hario V60 Cold Brew Filter-in Coffee Bottle. By adding coffee to the fine mesh baskets, you can serve your beverage straight away without disposing of the filter. For washing, the filters are also detachable which allows a quick rinse so you can prepare the next batch of cold brew.

With these Hario V60 products, you’re actually also able to combine steps 2 to 4 altogether. Simply add ground coffee to the mesh strainers, pour water and leave in the refrigerator to brew. Once steeping is completed, you can easily take it out and serve. And if you’d like a stronger coffee, you can increase the steep time by leaving your coffee longer in the refrigerator. 

Serve it chilled

And now, it’s time to serve your cold brew! They are best served chilled, so add a few ice cubes and you’re good to go. There’s also an option to make hot coffee using your cold brew. All you have to do is add a small portion of water to dilute your coffee, warm it up, and serve it. But depending on your preference, you can switch it up even more with different ingredients. 

For instance, if you enjoy creamy coffee, you can add milk to your cold brew in a 1-to-1 ratio of your coffee and milk. If you want a slightly diluted one, you can also use the 1-to-1 ratio for coffee and water. 

For the more adventurous, you can even transform your cold brew into a soda by adding a 2-to-1 ratio for coffee and Seltzer or Sprite. To top things off, pop a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on your cold brew and let it melt for a couple of minutes — you’ll have the perfect affogato in no time!

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