V60 Brew Guide

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A V60 brew guide for beginners

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V60 Brewing Method

More commonly known as just as pour-over coffee, the V60 is an affordable, convenient and direct way to extract coffee. It is easy to get started with, but the improvements and modifications are endless, making it an amazing way to get started for beginners.

You need:

A coffee scale (We’re using Timemore’s Black Mirror Scale)
V60 Filter Paper
V60 Dripper

Gooseneck Kettle filled with hot water
Coffee Grinder
Coffee Beans 20g (We used balance coffee’s beans )

Step One

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Measure out roughly 20g of coffee beans. This measurement is important for later so that we know how much water to use! The typical ratio is around 1g of coffee to 16.5g of water. This means we will have to use around 330g of water for 20g of beans.

Step Two

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Lay the filter paper on the V60 dripper and wet it thoroughly. This heats the brewer as well as washes away any flavours the filter paper may impart onto the coffee.

Step Three

Grind your coffee according to this chart, and lay the grounds on the filter paper. Try to lay it as evenly as possible, and create a little mound in the center using your finger.

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The little mound helps with even wetting of the coffee grounds.

Step Four

Add 40-60g of water, trying your best to cover all the grounds. Wait 30-45 seconds before adding the remaining water.

At this point you can gently swirl the dripper a little to evenly wet all the grounds.

Step Five

Add the remaining water in a circular motion, being as gentle with the grounds as possible. We like to keep the V60 relatively full and wait for the draw down once all the water is used, but you should experiment and find your own preference.

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Step Six

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Once the water finishes dripping, your coffee is done! You can throw the filter paper out or do something cool with it!


We also recommend tasting the coffee as it cools down, as you may be able to find new notes that you like or may not have experienced.

Consider using the stylish and durable Sttoke coffee cups for a complete brewing set-up. Enjoy!

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