Ethiopia-Brazil Cold Brew Coffee Blend

What am i drinking?

The cold brew coffee you are drinking was made using a Brazil - Ethiopian blend. The acidity (sourness) and cherry-like flavours you taste are coming from the Ethiopian beans, and the body is coming from the Brazilian beans. Generally, coffee beans grown in Ethiopian produce coffee with floral-like characteristics and mid-high acidity.

Taste profile: Cherry, caramel
Roast Profile: Light medium
Country: Brazil, Ethiopia
Components: Ethiopia Sidamo Washed (30%), Brazil Cerrado (70%)

Like what you're drinking? Explore making it yourself with a cold brew bottle at home! Check out our recommended cold brew recipe here

Don't like what you're drinking? That's okay! Coffee beans are different and acidity in coffee, sometimes perceived as 'spoilt', is a trait in beans from some countries. Opt for a slightly darker roast, or coffee beans with deeper flavour profiles and with low acidity. Look for descriptive terms such as 'chocolatey, nutty, caramel' instead of 'pineapple, plum, berries' when choosing your coffee! Or just tell your friendly barista you prefer a less acidic coffee.

If you'd like to explore different types of coffee, feel free to come for an experiential tasting session with us! You'll get to experience different brew methods and figure out which you like best.

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