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Best Coffee Grinders, Grinder Machines,  & Manual Coffee Grinders in Singapore

While you can surely get a nice cup of coffee from your local coffee shops or cafes, nothing quite beats homemade coffee. Not only are you able to save money, you can also perfect your very own recipe and constantly be able to brew the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home.

A mastered recipe is one way to get a nice coffee, but other factors such as the temperature of the water and the freshness of your coffee beans can affect your coffee taste. However, let’s not also forget about the equipment we’re using… That is, coffee bean grinders.

Coffee grinder machines are one of the essential cafe supplies required for perfectly smooth and flavourful coffee. They help you to control the size of your coffee grinds which influences the taste of your coffee.

For instance, with a built-in grinder, you can get a freshly brewed cup of coffee using the drip method, while a customised or medium size grind allows you to achieve a cold brew or French press. So how exactly can you determine the type of coffee grinder machine to buy?

Things to Look Out for When Buying Coffee Grinder Machines in Singapore

Types of coffee grinder machines

There are typically three types of coffee bean grinders in Singapore you’ll want to look out for — blade, burr and manual coffee grinders. Closely mimicking food processors, blade grinders come with blunted edges that spin and chop up the coffee beans.

They are compact but smaller in their overall size as compared to burr grinders. However, a con with blade grinders is that they can be very loud during use, and they require a skilled hand if you want to achieve even coffee grounds all the time. Larger in size and even louder, there are burr grinders. With a metal grinding surface at the bottom of the equipment, they work like pepper mills whereby the coffee beans fall through the blades and get chopped up.

Depending on the settings your coffee bean grinder has, you’ll be able to select the grind size which affects the taste of your coffee. As burr grinders tend to produce very even coffee grinds, they are priced expensively. If you prefer to manually grind your own coffee beans, there are also manual coffee grinders for you to choose from.

As a more affordable option, this means you’ll be taking up more time to grind your coffee beans. By cranking the hand coffee grinder personally, you’ll also need to practice having the perfect setting to grind your beans. On the brighter side of manual coffee grinders, they are very silent, unlike blade and burr grinders.


With a hopper available with your coffee bean grinder, you’ll be able to store your beans in your equipment However, hoppers are only available for burr grinders, and not blades nor manual coffee grinders. With a hopper, you can save time loading your coffee beans into the grinder daily. For some coffee grinder machines, the hoppers are also made from a dark and UV-protective tint, which helps to keep the beans dry and stored perfectly in a chamber well protected from sunlight.


When grinding coffee beans, you can never forget about the settings. Often coming in three standard settings — fine, medium and coarse, the key to making the perfect cup of coffee is to select the right setting. So whether you prefer a drip coffee, espresso or a cold brew, make sure your coffee bean grinder has the different required settings.

Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinders

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you probably already know that coffee grinds play a pivotal role in creating the perfect cup of coffee. After all, they affect the way your coffee taste and smell. However, it is impossible to get coffee grinds without first grinding your beans, using a quality coffee bean grinder. But it can definitely be a tricky choice when purchasing the best coffee grinder in Singapore.

Do you go for something convenient like electric coffee grinders? Or do you prefer something slow and thoughtful with manual coffee grinders? Either way, each type will grant you different features and will bear their own advantages and disadvantages.

By knowing the difference between these two distinct types, you’ll be able to determine which better suits you and your coffee needs. Let us now walk through the process of understanding the two types of coffee grinder machines available in the market, along with some other considerations you’d want to take note of before purchasing your equipment.

Manual Coffee Grinders for Precision Brewing

As the word suggests, they require you to grind the coffee beans manually. This means, unlike electric coffee grinders, you’ll have to invest in time and much more energy to move the grinding burrs in your grinder.

However, they can still help you to achieve a middle to high performance for uniformly sized grounds. A typical manual coffee grinder will come with a crank on the top and an open grinding chamber for you to pour your coffee beans. The middle portion is where the burrs are located, which helps to crush and grind your coffee beans.

Then, a collection chamber, usually made of glass, is featured at the end of the grinder to collect your coffee grinds. Although using manual coffee grinders may sound like a tiresome job, they also offer several other benefits. Here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of a manual coffee grinder.

Advantages of Manual Coffee Grinders

  • More affordable
If you’re on a budget, manual coffee grinders are the way to go. They are much more affordable than electrical grinders, and they are as durable as well.
  • Better control over the coarseness of your coffee grind
As you’re manually grinding your coffee beans, you’re able to choose the number of times you’d want to grind your beans and achieve your ideal grind coarseness. This is particularly important if you’re using brewing methods like the V60 pour-over or making cold brew coffee.
  • Compact
Manual coffee grinders are compact in size. This makes them a very portable piece of equipment to carry around to the office, or even as a travel essential during your holidays. It is also a good coffee gift option if you’re looking for something small but useful.
  • Quiet
Whether you’re making coffee during the early dawn or late at night, rest assured that your family or roommates will not be disturbed by the grinding noise of a manual coffee grinder as they are much quieter than electric models.

Disadvantages of Manual Coffee Grinders

  • Limited grind settings
Some manual coffee grinders come with a limited selection of grind settings, while others may not have one at all — this means you’ll have to determine your own grinding setting.
  • Tiring
Without a doubt, coffee hand grinders will require a lot of arm strength. This can make coffee-grinding a tiring process if you intend to make a big batch of coffee and will have to use the grinder for an extended period of time.
  • Time-consuming

As using a coffee hand grinder may be tiring, it can also be time-consuming since you may take a longer time to produce your grounds. It is also impractical for use if you’re in a rush or making a big batch of coffee.

Electric Coffee Grinders for Convenience

Unlike manual grinders which require human power, electric coffee grinders are powered by electricity which helps to turn the burrs and other components. However, using electricity does mean that you’ll lose some control over the coarseness of your grinds, and you may not achieve the desired type of grinds.

Nonetheless, electric coffee grinders still get the job done because they are much more convenient and faster, without much effort involved. Electric coffee grinders are also much larger in size, allowing you to make large batches of coffee in one go.

With that said, there are still small electric coffee grinders available in the market to help with portability. In summary, here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of an electric coffee grinder.

Advantages of Electric Coffee Grinders

  • Faster and a more consistent grind
Electric grinders often feature higher-powered motors which allow you to quickly grind your beans. They also have adjustable settings which helps you to achieve a more consistent grind texture. This can be particularly useful when you’re trying to achieve the perfect grind for espresso.
  • Convenience
With faster grinding of your coffee beans, you can easily save time. An electric coffee grinder is always good if you’re someone who is often in a rush in the morning.
  • High performance
Most electric coffee grinders will feature quality components to help you get the best coffee grinds. For instance, with stainless steel burrs, glass chambers, a wide grinding chamber, an airtight collection chamber and more, you’re sure to make a bang for your buck.
  • Many grind settings
Unlike coffee hand grinders, you’ll have the luxury of having more options for grind settings to choose from when it comes to electric grinders.

Disadvantages of Electric Coffee Grinders

  • Difficult to set up
Unlike manual coffee grinders which only consist of a few parts, some electric grinders models may require you to assemble all the pieces for use. This may add another layer of complexity for you during your morning coffee routine.
  • Expensive
Due to their higher power requirements and parts, electric coffee grinders are more expensive than their manual counterparts.
  • Bad mobility

As all electrical coffee grinders consist of an electric motor, this makes them heavier in general and far less convenient as a travel companion.

So Which is Better – Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinder?

All in all, each type of coffee grinder machine has its own features, along with advantages and disadvantages. If you’re simply looking for a piece of equipment to get freshly grounded coffee beans in the morning, a manual grinder would be the best option, and it is budget-friendly too.

But if you’re keen on investing and saving time, we’re not stopping you either. An electric coffee grinder would better suit these needs as it saves you the labour work and allows you to make quality-tasting coffee easily in the long run.

Regardless of your choice, it is crucial to keep in mind that your coffee bean grinder will ultimately influence the taste, texture and even smell of your coffee, not to mention, the coffee-drinking experience as well. It is up to you to carefully weigh the pros and cons and determine the right piece of grinding equipment for yourself.

Remember, the type of coffee grinder machine you choose can also impact the brewing method you use. For instance, if you prefer the V60 brewing method, a manual grinder gives you more control over the coarseness of your grind. On the other hand, if you’re making cold brew coffee, an electric grinder might be more convenient for you.

Other Considerations Before Purchasing an Affordable Coffee Grinder in Singapore

  • Budget
Whether you’re leaning towards a manual or electric coffee grinder, a key factor that sets these grinders apart are the price points. Oftentimes, a manual grinder is much gentler on the wallet, costing less than $30. On the other hand, electric grinders are more expensive and they can go up to as high as $200 if you’re looking for a high-end piece of equipment. If budget is a key consideration for you, a manual grinder might be a better choice for you.
  • Time Investment in Grinding
If you’re someone who enjoys the coffee-making process and spending time in it, a manual coffee grinder easily fits the bill with its longer process. But if you’re someone who is always on the go or looking for a quick fix in the morning for that caffeine boost, an electric grinder will save you much more time and convenience.
  • Storage Space

Besides cost and time, space also plays a factor in your purchase decision of a coffee bean grinder. As we have covered, manual coffee grinders are usually smaller and good to carry around out, or if you have little space at home. However, if you’re opting for an electric coffee grinder, make sure you have sufficient space in your kitchen or work area. If not, you can always go on a hunt to find a compact electric coffee grinder as well.

Start grinding with these High-Quality Coffee Grinders in Singapore!

To aid you in your coffee-making journey, we have also come up with a list of high-quality coffee grinders in Singapore from brands such as Timemore and Fellow.

Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Bean Grinder

The Fellow Ode is a powerful and precise home coffee grinder machine with cafe capabilities, designed to help you perfect your daily coffee. It comes with 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs and 31 grind settings — you’ll be able to choose from brewed coffee, espresso, French press and more! Additionally, the Fellow Ode is made with an aluminium body, plastic load bin and base, and stainless steel. You are also able to choose from classic colours such as matte black and matte white for your set-up.


  • Single-dose loading
With a large hopper compartment, you’ll be able to load in a single dose of coffee beans for maximum freshness.
  • Grinds knocker
With a grind knocker, it helps to reduce any grind retention that helps you to seamlessly brew the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Compact size
Compact yet aesthetic, the Fellow Ode is a great addition as a piece of one-in-all coffee equipment while helping you to save space altogether.
  • 31 grind settings and guide
If you’re unsure of the type of setting required for a certain type of brew, not to worry because this coffee grinder machine has got you covered with its built-in guide.
  • Quiet grinding and automatic stop

With an in-line motor design, you are able to grind your beans quietly with reduced noise and heat features.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim+ Coffee Grinder Machine

If you’re a beginner or a pro, the Mini-Slim+ is a great coffee grinder machine for both proficiency in coffee-making! This compact ceramic burr hand grinder is perfect for travel or home use and is an upgrade from the original Mini-Slim with a newly designed handle and shaft coupling for better traction. This coffee grinder also has burrs made of conical ceramic, which transfers less heat and shaves coffee beans smoother.


  • Improved handy lock
The newly designed handle allows you to have better traction during grinding.
  • Dark transparent body
For coffee makers who prefer a dark and bold aesthetic, the grinder provides a classy yet timeless look.
  • Compact size
Due to its compact size, the Mini-Slim+ is perfect for travelling and easy to dismantle for washing and cleaning.
  • Easy adjustment grind setting
With an easy adjustment grind setting, it helps you to achieve a more consistent grind for repeat use.
  • Easy-to-read measurement scale
Measurement numbers are easily imprinted on the exterior of the grinder, allowing you to accurately measure the amount of grind you need for your brew.

Timemore Chestnut Espresso Coffee Bean Grinder

As the latest hand crank suitable for grinding “Espresso”, meet the Timemore Coffee Grinder. Weighing only 600 grams, it is the perfect lightweight coffee bean grinder to add to your countertop. Also as a budget coffee bean grinder, it ticks many boxes with its all-in-one feature as follows:


  • Newly designed spherical body
Along with adding notches on the outside, this grinder is easy to grip and more stable than before. It even comes with non-slip silicone at the bottom of the coffee receiver.
  • Suitable for all types of coffee, especially Espresso
With a grinding gear made from stainless steel, it helps you to effectively control the fineness of coffee beans to achieve a quick and consistent grind.
  • Different click settings
Get ready to brew different types of coffee, for instance, espresso at 18-24 clicks, moka pot at 26-32 clicks or pour over at 35-50 clicks.
  • Uneven external surface
With this unique feature, you’ll have more stability in the grip during coffee grinding
  • Aluminium alloy

The ground coffee receiving jar and the external material are made of Aluminum Alloy to provide lightweight but strong support for the grinder that results in smooth and even more consistent grinds.

Hario Mobile Mill Stick Electric Coffee Grinder Machine Attachment

With Hario’s latest Smart G Mobile Electric Coffee Grinder Stick, say goodbye to painful and tiring hand grinders. With an electrical grinder attachment, you can easily transform your old-school hand grinders into speedy electric coffee grinders. As a compact accessory, the electric grinder is also perfect for you to grind coffee on the go. Simply remove the handle of your grinder, place the stabilizer and grind.


  • Small but powerful equipment
With a single charge, you can grind 20g of coffee beans approximately 25 times.
  • Compact Size
As it is literally a “stick”, it is convenient for you to place it at home, or your office or simply to bring along during your travels.
  • MSS or MSG-compatible
The Mill Stick comes with a holder that is compatible with either the Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder or the Hario Smart G Coffee Mill Manual Grinder
  • Chargeable lithium ion-battery

It comes with a chargeable battery or is fully chargeable with a USB cable as well.

Timemore Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder

Last, if you want to have control over the grind size and quality of your coffee beans, look to the Timemore Grinder Go electric coffee grinder. It features an innovative design for home users who wants to brew that perfect cup of coffee but with less effort compared to a manual hand grinder. With features such as a high-precision metal burr design and simple-to-adjust grind settings, this grinder also provides you with high-precision, fast and smooth coffee grinding.


  • Immersion brewing techniques
Different grind size adjustments are available for brewing on Moka pot, French press and more. However, it is not recommended for espresso brewing.
  • Auto swing technology
For beans that are stuck in the burr, the auto swing technology will dislodge the beans by rotating back and forth 3 times before stopping the grind to avoid damaging the motor.
  • Long standby time and easy-to-charge
When fully charged, the grinder is able to grind more than 400g of coffee beans for pour-over.
  • Hopper feature
The grinder comes with a glass container and top lid that can be used as an airtight coffee bean jar
  • Fast grinding with 15g beans in just 27s
  • Damping structure to allow precise adjustments of grinding settings
  • Grinding uniformity quality control

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