Is Sttoke cup leakproof?

Is Sttoke leak proof? This is a question we get a lot. The new version of the Sttoke cups (with volumes of 12oz and 16oz) with a screw-in lid and a flip-up drinking cap are leakproof. These cups were redesigned and upgraded from the older models. The 8oz models of the Sttoke cup remain non-leakproof with the older pull-out lids.

The new Sttoke screw-in lids are not backward compatible with the old version of the Sttoke cups, because the older versions will not have threads present for the screw-in lid to work. However, do be careful when storing very hot liquids in your Sttoke cup. We recommend that you flip up the lid to reduce pressure before unscrewing the cup.

FAQs about Sttoke cup

The Sttoke cup is a shatterproof, reusable cup crafted with German-engineered GREBLON® ceramic. The Sttoke cup was invented to serve the needs of the coffee community, who were dissatisfied with the coffee flavour being ruined by stainless steel-interior cups. Sttoke cups are designed to retain heat and thus flavour, for up to 6 hours, and keeps your drink cold for up to 12 hours. We want your first sip to be no different to the last.

STTOKE is an Australian lifestyle company with a vision to redefine sustainability, aspiring to enhance the lifestyle of individuals with products that look good, and do good. Sttoke cups are designed in Melbourne, Australia and responsibly made in China with top-notch quality control processes. If you find any issues with your Sttoke cup, do reach out to use for warranty purposes.

The lid of the Sttoke cup might have stains after use. To clean it thoroughly, remove the rubber gasket to give it a rinse.

Yes! Exercise your creativity. Engrave your Sttoke cup with a design you love. We offer Sttoke cup engraving services for your needs. For examples of engraving, check this link. Sttoke also has a women’s day edition cup with designs by artists Bella Ozegovic and Janey Robideau.

Both Luxe Black and Midnight Black Sttoke cups have a matte black exterior. The Midnight Black Sttoke cup has a black interior that is also ceramic coated. The Luxe Black Sttoke cup has a white ceramic interior, as with the other Sttoke cup colours (Angel White, Slated Grey, Magnetic Blue). The granite edition Sttoke cups (Granite Grey and Sandstone Yellow) also have a coloured ceramic interior which matches their exterior design..