Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup 12 oz / 16 oz


Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup 12 oz / 16 oz

Sttoke Leakproof (both 12 oz and 16 oz) have finally arrived with a redesigned lid

Note that:

  • Midnight Black has a black interior that is also ceramic coated
  • Sandstone Yellow and Granite Grey have ceramic coated, coloured interiors that match the exterior

– 12 / 16 oz capacity
– Leakproof screw in lid
– Parabolic dynamics cup
– Double-wall insulation
– Shatterproof ceramic
– Ergonomic design

Authorised Sales Agent/Distributor in Singapore

Now in a larger size (16 oz) and designed with a leakproof lid, it is the perfect commuting partner with larger capacity. Need a double shot? Triple? More milk/water? No worries, your 16 oz Sttoke can finally meet your caffeinated needs. Hurray! More coffee, better environmental impact. 16 oz is about a grande sized cup.

Our improved cup now allows for your drinks to stay hot longer up to 6 hours and cold up to 12 hours. Do get up once in awhile, of course.

Taste every fine note of your coffee until the last drop. Lined with German engineered Greblon® Ceramic inside, we made sure your coffee tastes the way you want it to.

Removes residual odors lingering inside while leaving no stains compared to silicon and plastic cups because of our carefully engineered Greblon® Ceramic.

Awarded globally twice for achieving a stunning minimalist design while maintaining the shatterproof ergonomics of the cup.

Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and your car’s cup holder. Globally Awarded recognition for a fit that rivals Cinderella’s shoe-fit moment.

STTOKE are made of high-quality, 304 food-grade stainless steel. They are BPA-free, providing a healthier and safer option to single-use paper cups. To provide a drinking experience equivalent of a ceramic cup, the interior is lined with a German engineered Greblon® Ceramic to allow your beverage to taste as it should.

Suits all occasions regardless fancy or casual. The cup was made with the strong thought of redefining sustainability, hence sustainability in a form meant to suit your new bag or car.

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