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Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper

Cafelat Robot Levelling Tamper

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Our own levelling tamper for the deep baskets of the Robot. This tamper ensures that you are compressing the espresso puck in a consistent and level manner, resulting in a flat, compressed bed of coffee.

The tamper features a precision cast and then machined 304 stainless steel base with a tapered edge to prevent the vacuum effect when removing the tamper. The black section is from food grade POM material and centres the tamper in the basket, thereby ensuring the tamp is nice and level. The leaf pattern again is so allow air in so as not to suck the coffee back up. The top section is CNC machined aluminium and the whole assembly is held together by a custom made 304 stainless steel stud.

Please note the POM section is not from a mold but rather each one is individually CNC milled from a bar stock and as such you may see milling marks.

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