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Hario Airtight Glass Canister with Olive Wood Lid [Simply HARIO Series]

Hario Airtight Glass Canister with Olive Wood Lid [Simply HARIO Series]

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Hario Airtight Glass Canister with Olive Wood Lid

This heatproof glass canister features a handcrafted natural olive wood lid for a natural feel. Use it to store anything from coffee and tea to dried fruit.
This product has been quality controlled and assembled in Japan.
Care for wooden parts
– All wooden parts are made from natural olive wood. The beauty of the wood is brought out by a craftsman who makes each item by hand. Colour and wood grain will vary since they are all handmade
– Wipe the wooden parts clean with a soft sponge after use. Do not leave the wooden parts soaking in hot or cold water. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scrubbing brushes, or other hard objects which may scratch the surface.
– Wipe the wooden parts with a soft cloth to remove any excess water
– Wooden parts are not dishwasher safe
– Do not keep in hot and humid locations, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight
SIZE: W102 × H136mm
CAPACITY: Coffee grounds 200g
WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 350g
Lid: Olive wood
Packing: Silicone rubber (heat resistant to 180 degree celsius)
Glass container: Heatproof glass (heatproof temperature difference 120 degree celsius)
Glass container: Made in Japan
Lid/packing: Made in China
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