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Timemore Chestnut Espresso Grinder (Chestnut ESP)

Timemore Chestnut Espresso Grinder (Chestnut ESP)

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TIMEMORE Chestnut Manual Coffee Grinder ESP for espresso

Burr: E&B | SUS 420 | 38 mm
Capacity: Max. 30g
For: Espresso

The latest hand crank Suitable for grinding “Espresso”

๐ New design, spherical body. Along with adding notches on the outside, easy to grip, more stable than before Comes with non-slip silicone at the bottom of the coffee receiver Like Chestnut X Lite
o Suitable for all types of coffee, especially Espresso
๐ Espresso & Brew (E&B) grinding gear as well as Slim Plus
๐ Grinding gear made of material SUS420 Five Axis CNC Stainless Steel 600HV
can effectively control the fineness of coffee beans. Helps to grind quickly and consistently
๐ Grind Espresso at 18-24 clicks // Moka pot at 26-32 clicks // Pour Over at 35-50 clicks
o The external surface is uneven. For stability in the grip during coffee grinding
o Ground coffee receiving jar and the external material is made of Aluminum Alloy , lightweight but strong Support the rotation of the center axis. Helps to spin smoothly and consistently
o can grind up to about 30 grams of coffee beans
o weight 600 grams
o size 16.3 x 5.3 cm.

** Use a brush or blower “Do not wash with water” **

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