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TIMEMORE Electric Coffee Grinder Sculptor

TIMEMORE Electric Coffee Grinder Sculptor

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Patented Burrs- 078 Turbo Burrs:Come with three layers of teeth (arc, vortex and burr teeth) to cut beans fast and consistently, and at the same time, effectively reduce fines caused by squeezing the coffee beans. 078s Flat Burrs: With the well-designed innovative flat burrs, suitable for fine grinding required by espresso, and at the same time providing high uniformity for pour over.

Patented Rotary Knocker-lt is always difficult to clean fines thoroughly from the grinder spout. Therefore we designed this rotary knocker to have fines cleaned effectively. By simply quick-turning the knocker, mostof the fines will be shaken off.

Sensory brushless motor-We adopt this more expensive brushless motor with PID control and Hall components which can only be found among high-end brands. Compared with brushed motor. brushless motor rotates without contacting the stator, therefore is zero-friction, and enables a longer lifespan and a more stable usage (does not shake during operation).

Magnetic bean lid-The bean lid is magnetic. When the bean lid covers half of the position of the bean entrance, it will automatically fit to prevent bean hopping and is convenient to use.

The Specialty Coffee Workhorse:

The Timemore Sculptor 078 Electric Grinder is more than just an appliance; it's a cornerstone for exceptional coffee experiences. Whether you're a cafe owner seeking to elevate your cafe or a home barista obsessed with perfect consistency, the Sculptor 078 delivers unmatched performance, effortless workflow improvements, and the exceptional quality Timemore is renowned for. With this remarkable tool in your hands, you can unlock the full potential of every bean at scale, crafting unforgettable cups for yourself and your customers.

Precision Meets High Volume:

The Sculptor 078 empowers true barista control with a powerful variable speed motor. Fine-tune grind size distribution with ease for any brewing method, all while maintaining consistent results - even during high-volume service. With slower RPM settings, further reduce fines and achieve perfectly balanced extractions for even the most delicate filter brews.


Espresso & Filter Coffee Hero

Large 78mm "Vortex Knife" Burr Set

Powerful Variable Speed Motor

Magnetic Grind Cups & Hopper Lid

Patented "Knock" System

Metal Unibody Construction

Quiet Operation

36 Grinding Settings

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