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Timemore Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder

Timemore Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder

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Timemore Grinder Go Electric Coffee Grinder

Capacity: 60 grams of beans
Burrs: E&B burr (espresso and brew) | SUS 420 | 38 mm

Timemore Grinder Go (CNC Stainless Steel E&B Burrs)
Timemore Grinder Go Advanced (Titanium coating, comes with carry bag)

The latest grinder from the folks at TIMEMORE features an innovative design for home users who wants to have control over the grind size and grind quality but with less effort compared to a manual hand grinder. Launched in June 2021, it features a high precision metal burr design similar to its range of hand grinders that is easy and simple to adjust the grind settings. High-precision CNC stainless steel E&B Burrs are used which grind coffee beans fast and smoothly (Titanium in GO-Advanced). Double bearings to fix the shift high concentric structure for more consistent grinding. A rechargeable lithium ion battery source allow for quick and consistent grinding at home, or on the go, up to 30 grinds on each single charge.

– Fast grinding with 15g beans in just 27s (medium size for pour over)
– Grind size adjustments for brewing on Moka pot, percolation (eg. v60/Kalita) and immersion brewing techniques (eg. Aeropress, Clever, French Press). Not recommended for espresso brewing.
– Grinding uniformity quality comparable to TIMEMORE range of professional manual grinders
– Auto swing technology that will try to dislodge beans that are stuck in the burr by rotating back and forth 3 times before stopping the grind to avoid damaging the motor
– Damping structure to allow precise adjustments of grinding settings
– Capacity of 60g, 15g grinding for each cycle
– Long standby time, easy-to-charge, fully charged to grind more than 400g coffee beans for pour over
– A greener alternative 2x 800mAh built-in lithium ion battery source with USB-C fast charging
– Glass container can be used as air tight coffee bean jar with top lid
– Compact sized at 22cm (Height) x 8.6cm (Diameter), weighs 660g
– Included USB-C cable and brush for easy cleaning

1. Do not continuously grind more than 60g of coffee beans
2. Do not grind very light or hard beans in 0-2 clicks to prevent overheating of the motor. If overheat protection kicks in, the grinder will be unusable for 10 minutes.
3. Do not wash or soak in water.
4. Please use 5V, 1A to 2A adaptors for charging instead of fast chargers.
5. Do not shake it while grinding to avoid damage to the motor.
6. Do not touch the burrs when it is in use.
Any damage to the grinder due to the above will void any warranty coverage of the grinder.

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