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Timemore U French Press

Timemore U French Press

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Timemore U French Press

Heat-resistant Glass

Minimal Design: smooth curve simple and fashion. High density stainless steel filter; filter mesh with Dia. Of -.35mm to block grounds more effectively. Due to its Matte surface to keep water stain and fingerprints away and keep clean and tidy.


– Capacity: 450ml (15oz)

– Material: Borosilicate Glass, PP, Silicon

– 0.35mm high density stainless steel filter mesh

– Weight: 340g

– Available in black or white


1. The French Press’ coarseness should be in a coarse grind like sugar. It is easy to case an excessive extraction with a fine grind.

2. Due to French Press’ characteristics, it cannot block 100% of the coffee ground completely. If necessary, you can use paper filter or other ways to make cleaner coffee with French Press.

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