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Single Origin Coffee Crystals (box of 12)

Single Origin Coffee Crystals (box of 12)

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Make espressos, americanos, and lattes at home.
No machine required!

  • Barista-approved specialty taste
  • Dissolves instantly at any temperature

Our coffee crystals bring the luxury of specialty coffee into your home. Just add them to milk or water, stir, and they dissolve instantly at any temperature. Check out our page for recommended recipes.

Our Current Single Origin Lineup:

Pure coffee that’s floral, sweet-smelling, with no bitterness. Choose from two single origin regions:

Guji, Ethiopia

  • rich fragrance of sweet tropical fruits
  • mild berry-like acidity

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

  • floral, ambrosial aroma
  • gentle citrusy tang


  • chocolate, creme, dark roast
  • low acidity


Taste the Difference

Superior Ingredients

Our coffee crystals are made from pure coffee: only the most exquisite ones capable of scoring 80+ points by the Specialty Coffee Association's standards. This is unlike most mass-produced coffees that contain a mix of low and high quality coffee beans, compromising on flavour.

Every batch of our crystals are tested by our coffee professionals to ensure that they uphold the taste standards of specialty coffee. Not merely good, but great.

Cutting-edge Technology

Old spray-dry technology burns off many flavour compounds, leaving you with a flat, bitter coffee dust.

Our signature crystallisation method preserves chlorogenic acid (CGA) and quinic acid (QA) which is key to the flavourful, fresh tasting coffee you find in cafes as well as antioxidant properties.


What you get:

  • 12 x 3g pods of specialty coffee crystals. Each equivalent to a shot of espresso.


Shelf Life and Storage:

Our coffee crystals taste good up to 1 year from sale thanks to our proprietary freeze drying process. Store in a cool, dark place.


Our Ideals:


We want every cup to be delightful, not just serviceable. To this end, we strive to maintain quality in every stage of production, whether it’s sourcing, roasting, or processing. All this to ensure you get to enjoy the best representation of skillfully grown coffee - an experience like no other.

Current grocery store products compromise on quality to achieve high production quantities. Low quality beans are blended with higher quality ones, resulting in flavour defects. They are then further roasted and processed in ways that attempt to mask these defects, but further degrades their flavour.


We believe that delicious specialty coffee can be enjoyed at home simply and swiftly, using only everyday household utensils.

Technological advancements have created new ways of preparing coffee that no longer require tens of thousands of dollars of investment in specialised equipment, and are faster to boot.


Pure coffee, absolutely no additives. All coffee flavours you taste are naturally from the coffee bean, preserved through skillful roasting and processing.

Many traditional coffee products were designed to mask the defects of low-quality coffee beans with over-roasting and additives. These methods do not do justice to the amazing flavours of the exquisite coffees we aim to serve you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is there sugar in the coffee crystals?

A. There is no sugar added to our coffee crystals. Just pure coffee! This means you can control the level of sweetness to match your preferences perfectly.


Q. Are there additives/flavours added to your coffee crystals?

A. Nope! Our crystals are pure coffee. Everything that you taste is the natural flavour of the roasted coffee bean, with nothing else added. We achieve this taste by using higher quality coffee beans and roasting them to the perfect degree to retain the natural flavours while avoiding burnt and bitter tastes from over-roasting.


Q. Do I need a machine to brew the coffee crystals?

A. No need! Just add them to milk or water and stir until dissolved. We want to make your coffee brewing as easy as possible while still having the same great specialty coffee taste of manual brewing.


Q. Can you supply my office pantry?

A. Yes! Drop us a message here and we’ll work something out for you!

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