Specialty Instant Coffee - What am I drinking?

Thank you for trying out our coffee!

If you have tasted the red capsule, you have tasted coffee that was from Ethiopia, Guji. It has a rich fragrance of sweet tropical fruits and a mild berry-like acidity.

The black capsule is from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. It has a floral aroma and a gentle citrus tang.

Here are some tips to enjoy the coffee even more!

For Milk:

The type of milk you are using plays a large role in the taste of the coffee!

Whole fat milk tastes richer and creamier than low fat/skimmed milk, so if you want your coffee to taste stronger, whole fat is recommended.

Our experiments found that UHT milk and Oat alternatives tend to be sweeter. So if you find the coffee on the bitter side, that's a recommendation you can consider. Otherwise, if you are looking for a stronger 'kick' in your coffee, then consider pasteurised milk!

For the advanced drinker: Check out freeze distillation for that competition bean experience!

For Black: 

The most important factors are likely ratios and temperature.

If the coffee smells really good but tastes watered down, consider waiting for the water to cool a little bit. Coffee is generally served at around 60 degrees for the best balance between taste and smell.

Feel free to play around with ratios as well! Too acidic/sour? Add a little bit more water. Want more body and coffee strength? Consider experimenting with less water.

We recommend you to start with less water, so that the coffee tastes just a little bit too strong. Add water and keep tasting as you are adding the water. Once the coffee reaches an acceptable taste, take a note of that perfect ratio you have dialled in for yourself! This advice is applicable to milk as well.

For the advanced drinker: Consider making your own coffee water as practice for the next Aeropress/Brewer's cup.

Enjoy and see you at your next cup!

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