We can do engraving for company logos, custom messages/scripture messages, name engraving, etc. on all Fellow mugs and Sttoke cups. Feel free to browse our collection below to make your selection for the cup colour and size. Generally the engraving will follow the colour of the brand's logo (because this is the stainless steel behind the paint coat)

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Customised Cup & Cup Engraving Service

Make your Coffee Gifts a One-of-a-Kind with Customised Cups in Singapore

For every coffee lover and friend who simply needs their daily cup of joe in the morning, a coffee cup has become more than just a cup. It is essential for someone to start their day right. And if you’re thinking of purchasing a coffee cup as a gift, we’re not stopping you either! However, beyond the material, quality, or colours of a coffee cup, take an extra step with customised cups as a coffee gift to make it truly personal and show your affection and thoughtfulness.

Regardless of the occasion for purchasing customised cups, you may still be fretting over what to give. Choose to engrave their names, add a special message and their favourite photo, or even choose a unique design – the possibilities are endless for this choice of gift-giving. At the same time, customised cups are simply perfect presents that are memorable for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more.

To find more ideas for different coffee gifts in Singapore, take a look at our gift guide -- 4 Types of Coffee Gifts in Singapore For Coffee Lovers.

If you’re still thinking hard about getting customised coffee cups, here are more reasons to convince you! 

Benefits of Getting Customised Cups

Creating a one-of-a-kind gift

    It’s time to move away from ordinary coffee cups which can be purchased just about anywhere and anytime. Turn ordinary moments into a memorable memento with a personalised coffee cup that your special someone will treasure forever.

    At the same time, you need not worry that your person has received a similar gift – after all, yours has an extra flair and personal touch that stands out from the rest.

    Celebrating your relationship

      As coffee gifts are expressions of the heart, convey your understanding for your special someone’s love of coffee, while showing a gesture of affection and gratitude towards them. They are bound to feel adored and appreciated.

      Preserving special moments

        If you’re choosing to capture a moment and freeze it in time, there’s no better way to do it than with customised cups. Engrave their quotes, words of wisdom and even photos taken onto the cup. Not only does it preserve a memory, but it allows your special someone to always be reminded of these touching memories whenever they use their cups.

        Befitting for any occasion

          Without breaking the bank or cracking your head over what to gift, a customised cup is simply evergreen. Not only are they affordable, but there is almost no occasion where you cannot present something personalised to someone. Personalised messages or photos on these cups can range from birthday wishes to blissful wedding pictures and more.

          Where to find Customised Cups?

          To celebrate the special moments in someone’s life, gift-giving is an excellent opportunity. However, to show all the love you have for someone, shopping for customised cups should be a breeze. Let us help you as we present you with the different customised cups available.

          Customised Sttoke Cups

          To start off, we have the Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup. It is not only a reusable coffee cup, but it is also leakproof and comes with a screw-in lid. Known for its ceramic interior engineered with Shatterproof German Engineered Greblon® Ceramic, rest assured that the true taste of your coffee can be deeply savoured. With a double-walled insulator, your drink will also be kept cold or hot for at least 6 hours.

          Choose from 2 sizes of the Sttoke Cup, between 12oz and 16oz for your engravings. Feel free to customise it based on logos, name engravings, scripture and custom messages. Suitable for any occasion as a coffee gift, the Cup is also available in 9 stunning colours such as: 

          • Luxe Black
          • Angel White
          • Magnetic Blue
          • Slated Grey
          • Yellow Stone
          • Granite Grey
          • Midnight Black
          • Blush Rose
          • Unicorn Purple

          However, keep in mind that any engraving will typically follow the colour of the logo as this is the stainless steel behind the paint coat.  The Brew Therapy is proud to have supported events such as the Regional Chairman Council 2022 in Berlin and the alumni graduation of NUS-MIT, and have been honoured to serve companies such as AVLite for their anniversaries.

          Customised Sttoke Cup (Women’s edition)

          Celebrating all women out there, a special edition is available for customisation as well. Specially launched for Women’s Day, the Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup (Engraved Women's Day Limited Edition) comes in 2 handmade designs in the colours Luxe Black and Angel White -- these designs were specially curated by wood carving artists and rotary engraved onto these limited edition cups, each with a story to tell.

          While designed with a matte black exterior, the Luxe Black Sttokee Cups has a white ceramic interior, as with others in Angel White, Slated Grey, and Magnetic Blue. For granite editions such as the Sttoke Cups in Granite Grey and Sandstone Yellow, they have a coloured ceramic interior that matches their exterior design.

          Customised Fellow Mugs

          Introducing another coffee cup that is perfect to gift as customised cups are the Fellow Carter mugs. They are known for their beautiful pastel colours and cute cylinder-like shapes. With a ceramic-lined interior, the Fellow Mugs help to retain heat and cold to ensure that your coffee tastes and smells exactly like it should. It also comes with a thin lip which allows you to sip and savour every drop of your coffee.

          For every Fellow Mug available, there are two types you can choose from -- the Fellow Carter Move Mug and the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug. They are beautifully designed travel tumblers worthy of the coffee inside, so you can enjoy your coffee anytime and anywhere. 

          With 3 sizes available, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz, you can choose to engrave them on any selected mug size. The Fellow Mugs are also designed in an array of 12 colours, ranging from funky colours to classic monochromes. They are:

          • Matte Black
          • Matte White
          • Matte Grey
          • Buttered Popcorn
          • Mint Chip
          • Corduroy Red
          • Cargo Green
          • Stone Blue
          • Slate Grey
          • Real Red
          • Peri Twinkle
          • Warm Pink

          Accompanying Accessories

          Like the Sttoke Cup, you can add on accessories to create a more comprehensive coffee gift with your Fellow Mug. 

          Firstly, add the Fellow Move Mug Splash Guard to help prevent splashes when you leave your mug open sitting in the cupholder in your car. While preventing accidental splashes, feel free to also use your Fellow Mug as a tea strainer.

          However, keep in mind that the splash guard only fits the Fellow Carter Move Mug and not the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug.

          For added convenience, couple your Fellow Mug with the Fellow Everywhere Mug Pouch. As a pouch, it provides you with a sturdier and comfortable grip on the mug, ideal if you’re on the road and you’ll like added stability to avoid any spillage. 

          Lastly, you may add a few replacement gaskets such as the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug Replacement Gasket and Fellow Carter Move Mug Replacement Gasket. Available in Grey and Black, these replacement gaskets are made of silicone to restore any old gaskets, making them spill and leakproof again.  It is also dishwasher safe so you may pop it in while washing the dishes as well for quick cleaning.

          From coffee grinders to pour-over kettles, you can find more of Fellow's products on this page.


          This rounds up our take on customised cups in Singapore and where to find the best gifts for them. The Brew Therapy provides wholesale cafe supplies to retailers and cafe owners alike. Choose from a wide selection of the best coffee supply brands such as Sttoke cups, Fellow Carter Move Mugs, Timemore and Hario.

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