Timemore Chestnut Grinder C2 / C3


Timemore Chestnut Grinder C2 / C3

– High Sharpness burrs made from 5 axis CNC cutting

– Consistent grinding due to dual bearings to fix the centre shaft

– Smooth Grinding with solid texture for tight hand grip

– Precise coarseness

– The Timemore C2 has standard burrs

– The new Timemore C3 has the S2C660 (spike to cut) burrs which are the best burrs derived from the high end model of Timemore Chestnut X. The new burr design has been fine-tuned for greater grind consistency by performing an initial breaking up of the bean (spike) before a secondary cutting,

Professional hand grinder with Premium Quality burrs and High accuracy. With long time effort of parametric researches and adjustments, we released this new S2C660 Burrs based on the patented philosophy of S2C (Spike to Cut) to make secondary cutting.

S2C660 Burrs is derived from the S2C860 on Chestnut X which received unanimous praise from coffee industry since its release. TIMEMORE design team has reduced the size and fine-tuned the parameters to improve overall grinding effects significantly. Although its diameter and material are the same, C2 uses Standard Burrs where as C3 uses S2C660. The stainless steel burr is precision CNC cutting molding, sharp burr can cut beans fast and evenly, easy to grind. Almost all professional grinders all in CNC stainless steel burrs.

The Solid PC supports to fix dual bearings Two precise bearings to fix center shaft to make sure high concentricity and high constancy. It’s easy for you to hold it with matte surface and Diameter of 52mm slim body. Patented point to Point coarseness adjustment to adjust coarseness precisely and meet expresso, Moka, pour over and siphon, French Press etc.


Capacity – around 25g

Weight – 430g

Material – Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel + PC

Size – 147mmx52mm

Handle – 159mm


1. This device is for grinding coffee beans only. DO NOT grind other material.

2. It’s recommended to clean it with a brush. DO NOT wash it with water.

3. Be careful of the sharp metal burrs.

4. Keep kids from using it.

5. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

6. It’s not recommended that customers disassemble or replace any part of it. If you have any special requirement, kindly operate with the advice from related professional persons.

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