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Cafelat Robot Filter Papers (100 pcs)

Cafelat Robot Filter Papers (100 pcs)

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Cafelat Robot Filter Papers (100 pcs)

58mm white filter papers. Approx. 100 pieces per bag.

You can use these with the regular screen or without. Many believe that they improve extraction yields and result in less channelling. Rinse before use and place on top of the coffee.

It is possible to reuse if you wish, rinse well.

Material: food-safe paper

With compelling results from Scott Rao’s experiments, the 58mm Cafelat Robot Paper Filters can help reduce channelling and improve the extraction yield of your shots. Simply place a pre-rinsed paper filter atop (and, optionally, below) your prepared coffee bed.

For use with or without the stainless steel filter screen, though for best results we recommend using the stainless filter screen at all times.

Pack of 100 paper filters.

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