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Cafelat Robot Professional Basket

Cafelat Robot Professional Basket

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Cafelat Robot Professional Basket

Cafelat makes some of the world’s best espresso brew baskets. Designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards, the 58mm Robot Basket is extra tall to serve as the water chamber and brew cylinder as well, and is available in interchangeable Professional and Pressurised versions.

The Professional Basket relies on the resistance created by the grind itself, and requires freshly ground coffee from a good quality espresso burr grinder.

Same size, 58mm, as professional semi-automatic machines. Our baskets are extremely high quality, they are made by the same factory that makes all the best baskets in the world.

The professional filter basket is for the fresh ground coffee from a coffee grinder such as a hand grinder or an electric grinder. Blade grinders will not work.

The pressurised basket is for pre-ground supermarket coffee (e.g. the solid bricks).

Material: Stainless Steel

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