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One Cup Coffee Maker with Sachet Bundle

One Cup Coffee Maker with Sachet Bundle

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Perfect for making a cup of coffee for one.

Paired with signature TBT blend sachets, individually dosed for your convenience.

Just add coffee grounds and hot water, then cover up the cup to brew one cup of delicious coffee. the cover also serves as a stand to hold the filter after brewing.

The reusable mesh filter is not only eco-friendly but also ensures great taste. Easy to clean and comes in black, which is hard to stain.

Recommended for office use.

Colour: Black

Item Number: OCM-1-B

Size: W118 × D93 × H93mm

Capacity: Practical capacity 170ml


Lid, Frame : Polypropylene

Strainer : Polyester

Glass : Heatproof glass

Made in Japan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is there sugar in the coffee crystals?

A. There is no sugar added to our coffee crystals. Just pure coffee! This means you can control the level of sweetness to match your preferences perfectly.


Q. Are there additives/flavours added to your coffee crystals?

A. Nope! Our crystals are pure coffee. Everything that you taste is the natural flavour of the roasted coffee bean, with nothing else added. We achieve this taste by using higher quality coffee beans and roasting them to the perfect degree to retain the natural flavours while avoiding burnt and bitter tastes from over-roasting.


Q. Do I need a machine to brew the coffee crystals?

A. No need! Just add them to milk or water and stir until dissolved. We want to make your coffee brewing as easy as possible while still having the same great specialty coffee taste of manual brewing.


Q. Can you supply my office pantry?

A. Yes! Drop us a message here and we’ll work something out for you!

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