4 Types of Coffee Gifts in Singapore For Coffee Lovers

4 Types of Coffee Gifts in Singapore For Coffee Lovers

In the world of coffee drinkers, there are often two categories of people — people who enjoy taking their time to measure, grind and carefully brew their coffee, and also people who simply need a quick caffeine fix to start their morning right. Fortunately, the coffee market has a wide variety of wholesale cafe equipment and gifts that are suited for just about anyone and any occasion.

If you’re looking to purchase a gift for your friend, yourself, or your loved ones, we guarantee there is a gift out there which can help them to improve their coffee routine, or simply make their day better. From espresso makers and coffee bean grinders to drip sets and coffee mugs, we’ve got a wide selection of coffee gifts to help you find the perfect one.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the different types of coffee gifts you can choose from.

4 Best Coffee Gift Sets for Coffee Lovers in Singapore

Perfect for any occasion and every coffee lover, how about purchasing a gift that is simply screaming coffee? Yes, we mean an awesome coffee bundle and even grinders and drip sets to help you kick off a coffee routine without any hassle. 

The plus side? These gifts can also be accompanied by other equipment such as mugs or even coffee beans as we go down the list.

Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set

cold brew bundle

As an all-inclusive coffee bundle, the Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set is ideal for making cold brews and espresso. It is made up of a blend of Colombian and Brazilian speciality coffee beans from Luli Roasts, along with a Hario Cold Brew Bottle made in Japan. The Cold Brew Bottle is also available in the classy colours of black and off-white, which easily complements other coffee gifts. 

Besides making cold brews and espresso, this bundle is also perfect for you to brew your own iced coffee. Simply add the coffee concentration with water and ice and you’re ready to serve it. You may even spice things up by creating fun beverages such as creamy coffee, soda coffee and even an affogato.

Coffee Grinders

commandante grinder

commandante grinder1

To provide aid in any coffee-making session, look no further than the Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder. Built for true coffee enthusiasts and speciality coffee connoisseurs, this Comandante Coffee Grinder utilises a high-precision tool to provide you with high grinding performance and a piece of highly wear-resistant equipment.

The Comandante Coffee Grinder is also available in seven stunning colours. From the classic shades of monochrome such as Black and Copper Mountain to earthy tones such as American CherryLiquid Amber and Virginia Walnut, and even fun colours such as Alpine Lagoon and Sunset  — you’ll have plenty of choices to pick for your coffee gifts!

Drip Coffee Gift Set

hario drip set

hario drip set1

For a slower coffee-making session, how about opting for a drip set for your coffee gift instead? The Hario V60 Drip Coffee Decanter is a two-in-one set that is both a dripper and server. With the V60, it allows deeper layering of coffee grounds and a better flow of water. Meanwhile, the server is wrapped with a silicone band that provides insulation and grip during handling and pouring.

With this Hario drip set, you can also save washing time as all parts are easily removable and washable for cleaning. Check out The Brew Therapy for more Hario products.

Convenient Coffee Gifts For the Everyday Hustler

While the coffee gifts for every coffee lover are more suited for everyday use or at home, we’re definitely not forgetting about the hustlers — that is, people who are always on the go and are looking to have convenient to-go coffee cups. Be it your preference to use a tumbler or mug, we’ve got you covered.

Travel Tumbler

kinto travel tumblr

kinto travel tumblr 1

Designed for people who lead a conscious and flexible lifestyle, the Kinto Travel Tumbler will be just the right coffee gift for you. As a vacuum-insulated tumbler, this tumbler allows great heat and cold retention — so you’ll be able to make both hot and cold coffee or even room-temperature drinks. At the same time, you can rest assured that this tumbler will help maintain the aroma and flavour of drinks for a long period of time. So take it anywhere you go without fear of a bad-tasting drink over time.

With a surface and material made from high-quality stainless steel, you also need not fret about odours and stains, and ensure that your tumbler can be always kept clean and fresh at all times. The best part, it is compact in size and the cap is kept simple without excess details. Simply slot into the tumbler in your bag and you’re good to go!

Customised Coffee Cups and Mugs

fellow carter mug

fellow carter mug1

Likewise, the Fellow Carter Move Mug also bear similar properties to the Kinto Travel Tumbler. Compact in size and made from a ceramic-lined interior, it is also a travel mug worthy of a coffee gift. It also comes equipped with a snap-in splash guard function and slim width, so that you can now enjoy coffee at its fullest on the go. 

The Fellow Mug also offers a cool customisation function. If you want to get your Fellow Mug customised for yourself or your loved one, you can do that too. And to make this coffee gift extra special, complement it with the Fellow Everywhere Mug Pouch for added convenience.

Coffee Mug with Slide-Lock Lid

fellow carter move mug

fellow carter move mug1

Perhaps you’re driving or always in a moving vehicle and you’d like a mug with extra security. As another variation of the Fellow Mug, we’re also happy to introduce the Fellow Carter Move Mug with Slide-Lock Lid. While compact in size, its most outstanding feature is the slide-lock lid. It is uniquely angled at the side, which can be opened with the flick of a thumb. After drinking, you can also effortlessly slide back the lid to secure your coffee and lock in heat and flavour for a longer period of time. With its slim width, this Fellow Mug is also ideal for your car or vehicle’s cup holders. Find more of Fellow’s coffee-making products at The Brew Therapy.

Personalised Coffee Gifts For Him and Her

For something more personal, how about celebrating your partner’s or loved one’s birthday with a special coffee gift?

Mug Coffee Maker (For Him)

hario mug

For all the dads or masculine figures in our lives, celebrate them by gifting the Hario Insulated Mug Coffee Maker. As an essential cup for any coffee session, all you need to do is pop some coffee grounds into the filter, add boiling water and remove the filter — you’ll have a delicious cup of coffee in no time!

With this Hario cup, he can also go about his day reading the newspaper or working out, while still having a warm cup of coffee waiting for him. The mug is made with vacuum-insulated thermos and stainless steel and is ready to use again after a quick rinse.

Ceramic Cup (For Her)

sttoke ceramic cup

sttoke ceramic cup 1

It’s time to move on from perfumes or makeup — the Engraved Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup as a Women’s Day Limited Edition is a far more unique coffee gift for her. With an interior lined with a German-engineered Greblon® Ceramic, this go-to coffee cup mimics an actual ceramic cup and comes with a special lining that allows the coffee to taste exactly like it should. Simultaneously, it also removes any stains or residual odours that linger inside. Other features of the Sttoke cup include being shatter-proof and leakproof and having double-wall insulation.

As a Women’s Day special launch, these cups come in two stunning handmade designs and rotary engravings. They are available in Luxe Black for the classy and elegant women out there, as well as Angel White for women who want to flaunt femininity, purity and goddess energy. If she is someone who is artsier, you can choose to have customised engravings on the Sttoke cup. Get a Sttoke cup for the important women in your life today at The Brew Therapy.

Gourmet Coffee Gifts For Christmas

While we’re celebrating people with coffee gifts, we can also celebrate festive occasions with them too — like Christmas! If you’re planning on throwing a party, why not deck your kitchen counters with red, white, and green coffee equipment and cups? Or simply share the joy of gifting with these gifts during the present exchange as well? 

Espresso Maker

cafelat robot espresso maker

Available in retro green and red, the Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker is just in line with the Christmas theme. It is a manual espresso coffee maker with a high-quality build set up that is made to last a lifetime. With just only a few parts, this Robot Maker is simply a game-changer for any coffee lover and perfect to wow everyone as the present papers unwrap. 

To use the Robot maker, all you need is ground coffee, and some hot water from a kettle and you are all set to brew delicious coffee in just a few minutes!

Check out this article for more espresso-related information such as health benefits and espresso cups.

Coffee Drip Gift Set

hario drip gift set

hario drip gift set1

If you prefer something easier on the wallet but still be able to make a bang for your buck, opt for the Hario V60 Coffee Drip Set instead. As a starter set size to the V60 series, this coffee gift is still worthy of packing a punch and brewing delicious coffee.

Not only it is available in stunning red, but this pour-over set has all the basic essentials — paper filter, dripper, coffee server and measuring spoon — It is the ideal all-in-on coffee-making tool.

Portable Bottle

hario bottle portable

hario bottle portable1

Apart from coffee equipment, there are simpler coffee gifts such as the Hario Filter-in Bottle Portable. Made from BPA-free, transparent, and heat- and impact-resistant material, this bottle allows you to take your favourite cold brew, infused water or fruit tea anywhere you go. It is also available in smokey pink and green — perfectly fitting for the Christmas colour themes and they’re good as presents during gift exchange. And for all matcha lovers, this bottle can be used as a matcha shaker as well to make matcha lattes!

The Brew Therapy distributes wholesale coffee supplies for cafes in Singapore like coffee grinders from brands such as Timemore. Shop for your coffee products today!

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