KRUVE Evoke Aeropress 4

Best coffee starter set

I was recently asked by a friend for a coffee set to bring overseas – he was going to be out of Singapore for 60 days and wanted something to bring along to remind him of home. Hence this post! If you're a coffee enthusiast like my friend, you might be interested in learning about different brewing methods. For instance, the V60 pour-over method is popular among coffee aficionados.

To me, the best starter sets (generally, not just for coffee) should allow the user to get good, above average results without having very high skill level. The rationale for this is sustainability – the user will be quickly rewarded and be motivated to continue experimenting and to grow along the journey.

The Aeropress comes to mind because it produces good coffee with minimal effort, allowing the user to experiment with different recipes and brew methods. If you're interested in trying out different coffee brewing methods, you might also want to look into cold brew coffee and espresso.

Aeropress Go / Aeropress Original
Timemore Grinder C3
Timemore Basic Plus weighing scale

For a deeper understanding of coffee brewing techniques, don't forget to explore our comprehensive guide to coffee brewing. Lastly, don't forget about the coffee beans! You might want to check out these specialty coffee roasters if you're in Singapore. Enjoy the journey!

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