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Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup 16 oz (Engraved Women's Day Limited Edition)

Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup 16 oz (Engraved Women's Day Limited Edition)

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Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup 16 oz (Engraved Women’s Day Limited Edition)

These Sttoke cups are a Women’s Day special launch in two stunning handmade designs.
These designs were specially curated by wood carving artists with a story to tell.
The designs by the artists were rotary engraved onto these limited edition cups.

Luxe Black

Artist: Bella Ozegovic (@bellaroseart__)
Hi, I’m a Mandala Artist from Australia and I made a business from art. Living with anxiety does not always make life the easiest but I have found art as a way to help me and others find the calm they need. So if you do struggle living life, know this, you can do it, you will make it.

Angel White

Artist: Janey Robideau (@janeyillustrations)
When I reflect of what International Women’s Day means to me, I immediately recall my favourite stories about goddesses and heroines. These myths have a modern sense of empathy, justice, and feminism that reminds me that I am not alone. My design features Medusa, Nemesis, and Aphrodite (along with other symbols of Greek goddesses), and part of the proceeds will go to @unwomen. Also, if anyone wants to hear the full, unabridged tale of Medusa, head over to my YouTube channel!”

Love these engravings? Want your own? We offer customised Sttoke cup engraving as well! Check out our past work and chat with us for engraving services.

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