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Cafelat Robot Filter Screen

Cafelat Robot Filter Screen

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This dispersion screen is for Robot espresso maker only.

This is the current production filter screen for the Robot. The screen is now a bit thicker, completely flat and the center pin is now made from Silicone. The silicone pin is now easier to grip and does not get bent if the screen is accidentally hit by the piston.

Please note the silicone pin extends on the back by 1mm, this does not affect the coffee.

The screen is placed on the bed of tamped coffee. You MUST use the screen when brewing, otherwise when you add the water you will just make a big sludgy mess.

After tamping, put in the filter screen and use 2 fingers to firmly push the screen downwards. If you are not pushing the screen firmly, the screen will wobble and being damaged after applying the pressure.

Do not attempt to pump the arms up and down, as this will just disturb the puck, the screen and the water.

Please use filter paper instead if you find the difficulties of using the filter screen.

Material: Stainless Steel and Silicone

Quantity: 1 filter screen only and 1 pin

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