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Buy Sttoke Cups in Singapore | Sttoke Cup Reviews 2023

To get you started on finding the right cup for your coffee-drinking session, here is the Sttoke Leakproof ceramic cup. With an interior lined with a German-engineered Greblon® Ceramic, this go-to coffee cup mimics an actual ceramic cup while being a healthier and safer option to use as opposed to single-use paper cups. Its special lining allows your coffee to taste exactly like it should, while also removing stains or any residual odours that linger inside.

Other features of the Sttoke cups include being shatter-proof and leakproof, having double-wall insulation, and being perfect for coffee lovers that are on the go with their ergonomic design. With many colourways to choose from, the Sttoke cup is available in the classic colours Luxe Black, Angel White and Rust Brown. Funky colours also include Steel Blue Satin Green, Cosmic Green, and Unicorn Purple. And for monochrome lovers, colours such as Gunmetal Grey, Luna Marble and Ivory Chai are available options as well.

For all the ladies out there, you can also get your Sttoke cups in a special design — introducing The Engraved Sttoke Leakproof Ceramic Cup as a Women’s Day Limited Edition. As a Women’s Day special launch, these Sttoke cups come in two stunning handmade designs and rotary engraved onto these limited edition cups.

They are available in Luxe Black for the classy and elegant women out there, as well as Angel White for women who want to flaunt femininity, purity and goddess energy. If you’re feeling more artsy, you may even choose to have your coffee cup customised.

Other benefits of Sttoke Cups

Better work productivity

    Each cup was refined with German technology that helps to keep your coffee hot for at least 6 hours, and iced brews cold for up to 12 hours. While you’re busy at work, rest assured that you’ll always have a warm coffee by your side to keep you awake. And if you prefer something cold for the hotter days, you won’t have to break your train of thought either to top up the ice in your coffee.

    Quality tasting coffee

      Lined with German-engineered Greblon® Ceramic in the interior of every cup, you’ll get to taste every fine note of your coffee until the last drop. For cleaning, this special lining also helps to remove any residual odours or lingering stains -- making washing extra efficient as compared to silicon and plastic cups.

      The world’s first shatterproof cup 

        No matter how busy your day gets, you need not worry about knocking over the Sttoke Cup due to its shatterproof ergonomics.

        Perfect and convenient for on-the-go

          If you’re out and bustling, take the this cup with you. It is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and even in your car’s cup holder when you’re driving. 

          Accompanying Accessory

          To make this cup extra special, you can also pair the gift with an added accessory.

          For instance, add the Sttoke Strap which boasts a flat foldable and detachable stray sleeve. It is made of high quality that is suitable for any occasion and easily complements any outfit as well. As an elegant accessory that is easy to carry around, this is the perfect carry strap if your special someone is always on the go and may not have that extra pair of hands to help them carry their coffee.

          Feel free to browse through the variation of the cups and their accessories to truly make your customised cups extra special. 

          Make Sttoke cups the perfect gift for coffee lovers

          The Sttoke cup holds beauty on its own. However, you can enhance it further through added accessories. For instance, treat yourself to the perfect coffee gift set with the Sttoke leakproof lid and strap. To guarantee a leakproof experience, add the Sttoke Leakproof Screw-in Lid to your collection.

          It is compatible with the Sttoke coffee cups and comes in aesthetic and matching colours. For added convenience, strap on the Sttoke Sttrap to your Sttokke coffee cups as well. It features a carry strap, along with a flat and foldable strap sleeve, which is also detachable. They are available in Kerrie brown for neutral lovers; Classic Black for the everyday coffee drinker; and Lilac for all the pastel enthusiasts going for a softer aesthetic.

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