Cafelat Robot Spare parts in Singapore

cafelat robot spare parts

At The Brew Therapy, we believe in quality products that last. The Cafelat Robot is one such product that we use and love. Some of the parts can wear off, such as the piston seal that generates the pressure you need to pull an espresso shot. We carry these parts so that the Cafelat Robot can continue serving you for life.

We carry a range of spare parts for the Cafelat Robot (we are based in Singapore but ship globally), including the Cafelat Robot filter screen with silicone tip, silicone tip for the metal filter screen and Cafelat Robot piston seal. We also have accessories such as the Cafelat Robot Mittens / Robot hands, Levelling tamper and filter papers. If you would like to purchase other spare parts not listed here, drop us a message and we will help you source it in our next shipment.